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Terms beginning with 'T'

Temporary Annuity
An annuity payable for a fixed term or until earlier death. Also called a Term Annuity.

Term to Maturity
The length of time to maturity of a debt instrument.

Total Return
Dividend return plus capital gains return.

Transfer Value (TV)
The capital value of a member’s accrued rights, determined by an actuary, when a member leaves a pension plan and joins another.

Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
Government debt securities issued on a discount basis by the Ministry of Finance.

A legal concept under which property is held by one or more persons (the trustees) for the benefit of other persons (the beneficiaries) for the purposes specified by the person setting up the trust.

Trust Deed
A legal document, executed in the form of a Deed, which establishes, regulates or amends a trust.

See also: Trust

An individual or company appointed to carry out the purposes of a trust in accordance with the provisions of the trust instrument and general principles of trust law.

See also: Trust

Trading volume in a security or the market.