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Investor Glossary

Terms beginning with 'S'

Secondary Market
The market for already-issued securities.

Paper assets representing a claim on something of value such as stocks or bonds.

Any security that promises to pay a periodic nonvariable sum, such as bond paying a fixed coupon amount per period.

Short-Term Gains Or Losses
Gains or losses on capital assets held less than 12 months.

Simple Interest
Interest paid and computed only on the principal.

A securities transaction exchange whereby each shareholder ends up with more shares representing the same percentage of the firm. In a two for one split a shareholder with 100 shares would receive an additional 100 shares.

Sponsor Trustee
A Trustee that has been nominated or elected by the sponsors of a Fund or Scheme.

The difference between the bid and asked price.

Stock Dividend
A dividend paid in the form of additional stock.

Stock Exchange
Individuals who wish to buy and sell shares may do so through the stock exchange. A Stock Exchange simply put is a tangible physical entity where, stocks are bought and sold, quickly, efficiently and under strict regulations for the protection of investors.

The difference when a pension plan’s assets exceed the plan’s liabilities. The amount of surplus is determined by the Actuary.