Tamieka Reece, FCCA, MSc, BSc

Manager– Risk & Compliance

Tamieka Reece, FCCA MSc, BScMs. Tamieka Reece joined the Victoria Mutual Pensions Management team as Finance Manager in 2009 and quickly transitioned to the role of Manager of the Risk & Compliance Unit. As the Manager of Risk & Compliance, she is tasked with identifying and quantifying major risk items developing mitigation procedures as well as ensuring that the organisation remains compliant with the relevant regulations and legislations.

Presently, Ms. Reece has been seconded to the Investment Management System project which aims to assist the VM Group to innovate competitively while expanding our existing products. As part of the team, Ms. Reece is involved in the planning, designing and implementing of the new system.

Ms. Reece has over a decade of experience in the Financial Services industry where she has worked in various capacities throughout the financial sphere, including Assistant Vice President for Finance at Capital Solutions Ltd, Accounting Manager at First Global Bank and Operations & Finance Manager at Grace Pension Management.

Her career started at Life of Jamaica Ltd as a Pension Analyst where she was then promoted to an Accountant in the Employee Benefits Division within two years.

A certified accountant from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of England and Wales, Ms. Reece holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance from City University Business School in London and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Management and Accounts from the University of the West Indies.